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We focus on the works of Black Composers and subject matter relative to the Black experience....we are dedicated to the underserved.

Trilogy is committed to making our performances available and accessible to everyone,including those with disabilities. As a company that focuses on the works of black composers and is highly sensitive to neglect, we hear every and all requests to attend our performances. If you require an accommodation, we encourage you to call us at 973-985-5881 at least two weeks before your performance so that we can ensure your ability to see our important work. Any complaints whatsoever should be directed to the board.

Compliance Grievance Procedure

For grievances and complaints, please contact us at TRILOGYAOC@JUNO.COM



ADA Compliance Grievance Procedure

This procedure is meant to provide an internal mechanism for the Trilogy An Opera Company

to be used in the event of a complaint received from its public regarding accessibility. This

procedure will also ensure commentary in reference to the organization’s policies concerning

ADA compliance. Every effort will be made to satisfy the unsatisfied client at the earliest stages

of interaction, based upon the organization's increasing capacity to provide full physical and

programmatic access.


Information Gathering

The Trilogy An Opera Company’s Compliance Officer (Access Liaison) will investigate the

unsatisfied client’s concerns to determine the nature of the complaint and create an open

dialogue with the client who is making the complaint. Depending upon the nature of the

complaint, other staff may be involved in this initial process. The goal of this exchange is to

address the unsatisfied client making the complaint and resolve it as quickly and positively as

possible, within the scope of the organization’s ability to meet that need, and to use that

information to assess future need determinations. The Compliance Officer (Access Liaison) will

document all information received.


Complainant Unsatisfied

Following the Initial Interview, if the unsatisfied client is not satisfied by the initial information

gathering process/interview, the Access Liaison will encourage the unsatisfied client making the

complaint to participate in additional mediation which would include the particular Trilogy

Opera manager of the location where the complaint occurred.


If the unsatisfied client is not satisfied by the above additional mediation, the Access Liaison

will assist the client in preparing a written description of the problem, which will be presented

for review to the organization’s ADA Advisory Committee ( In the event of a complaint, Trilogy

An Opera Company will develop an Advisory Committee that will include the Board Chair or

other legal representative, and the Vice President of Programming and Operations). This

complaint must include:

  • Name, Address, telephone number of complainant

  • Detailed description of complaint, including date and

  • time Location of access barrier.

  • Client’s recommendation for resolution Written Complaint


The Access Liaison will assure the unsatisfied client that the purpose of the Advisory

Committee’s review is to ensure that a solution is devised that will meet the needs of the


unsatisfied client to the best of our ability. This will be done within established programs and

facilities, and the committee will consider establishing new policies, programs, and facility

improvements to ensure its success.



Reviews of Written Complaint

Review of the complaint will take place within 30 (thirty) days after receipt of the written

complaint. The committee will consider:


  • Is the complaint valid? Was access denied?

  • What were the circumstances of the denied

  • access? Is this a standard or unusual condition?

  • Was lack of access a result of policy, and if so, is a new policy warranted?

  • What must happen to access? Are there possible alternatives?

  • Are there any mitigating factors that would limit resolution to the problem?

  • What is to be done to assure success in the future? Will the solution demand funding? If so,

  • how will it be funded and on what timeline?

  • What follow-up should be done with the complainant and by whom?


The complainant must be assured that the recommendations of the committee will be

presented to the Board of Trustees of Trilogy An Opera Company. The client is required to sign

the recommendation(s) as acceptable to him/her, agreeing that if the recommendation is

followed, the matter is therefore closed.


Resolution of Complaint

At the next appropriate Board of Trustees meeting, the recommendations of the Advisory

Committee for resolution are presented, and a decision is made based upon that

recommendation to allocate existing funds and resources and/or to include the

recommendations as part of ongoing resource development.


All staff are then notified by the Trilogy An Opera Company of the nature of the grievance and

its resolution and the recommended solution implemented.

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